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Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and has decided to celebrate it through the most recognised and recognisable emblem of love: the ring.
Therefore they have asked me to design exclusively for them a double set of rings dedicated to their readers, and more generally to the theme of the uniqueness of relationships. A couple always shares something unique and special, and i have decided to recount this vocation, typical of lovers, by reinterpreting one of my most iconic pieces: the ring of Only You collection.

“Made  through the iteration of small ceramic tubes, linked together by an elastic thread, Only You ring perfectly represents Bela Louloudaki’s style. She has managed to express the essence of the ring through a refined simplification. The result is a tiny masterpiece of minimalist elegance: a sober piece of jewellery with personality, and the beauty of those little things which, without needing to be showy, immediately catch our eye.
Uniqueness gives us identity. Loving one another does not necessarily mean losing oneself unconditionally in the other.
Bela Louloudaki expresses this through contrast, by inserting a deliberately “different” element into the series of monochrome tubes: gold as an antithesis to black and black combined with the colour Chaki.
It represents the sign of distinction that describes the contribution of personality and character that each of us should make within a couple. It is the symbol of diversity, understood in the widest sense, both as individuals and as a couple, without any distinction of gender. Because each of us is an unrepeatable line in the intricate pattern of life and emotions.
Only you wants to be the ring for all couples, the testimonial of universal and gender free love that through colour and material evokes all that is hidden behind eros, understood as a primordial force that binds us inextricably to others. If you believe in the seductive power of objects, if you want to communicate without words the importance of a bond, if you want to be reminded every day how lucky you are to have the person you love by your side, give one another Only You as a present.
It will become an inseparable life companion!” – Marco Valenti –



MEDIUM (woman’s hand)
Length: 1,5cm Internal diameter: 19mm
Elastic, Slip on

LARGE (man’s hand)
Length: 1,5cm Internal diameter: 20mm
Elastic, Slip on

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Every piece of the collection is handcrafted in Athens.
Due to its nature it is fragile and delicate, please handle lovingly!
Avoid excess exposure to water, perfumes and creams
When not in use store in box.
Our jewellery comes in a luxury packaging designed by Bela Louloudaki.

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Large, Medium