Born in Greece, Bela Louloudaki is an Architect who graduated from Rome’s University La Sapienza. She
runs her own architectural firm and studio in Athens, and has developed numerous projects in the housing
field, also creating unique spaces as an interior designer. – –
In parallel she has pursued her other passion, jewellery design.
Her passion for jewellery design has evolved over time, to bestow a very modern interpretation on her primary material, clay. The clay is used either in its natural form, or immersed in 24k gold, following immersions in bronze and pure silver for better adhesion.
Material, colour and pure lines, are the essence of her unique handmade jewellery. Through each piece, the designer reveals her nature as an architect, her long-term relationship with Italy and her deeply Greek roots.
Her collection – Jewellery for the Curious – is nothing else but a synthesis of her multifaceted approach to life. Refined, discreet but not conventional. Contemporary but not eccentric, as it radiates elegance that has nothing to do with luxury, in a sense where style should not be confused with excess.
An attractive narrative of chromatic matches, inexplicably simple and yet paradoxicaly fascinating.
marco valenti