Loxodrome Necklace Long


Glorious, dazzling and yellow like the sun, Gold is a material that expresses perfection and preciousness. There is nothing static about the colour Gold. Always associated with the radiant light of the stars, it transmits warmth, movement and strength.
The Bold Gold Collection translates the brilliance of gold through essential and minimalist lines, reinterpreting in a contemporary key the traditional finishing of the goldsmith’s art through the play of composition and the modular aggregation of small cylinders and spheres.  Made of ceramic and bathed in gold, they represent the basic elements of a dynamic creative process that culminates in a series of bracelets, necklaces and earrings that mix material suggestions and geometric references to invent a new decorative language, in the name of lightness and versatility, in which line and movement are the protagonists.

This 24k goldplated necklace lays comfortably against the collarbone or along your body. It works perfectly both ways! It is minimal enough to be an everyday jewel, and works just as well for more formal occasions. Has an amazing feeling of lightness.



Length: 90cm,  Pendant diameter: 2cm


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